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Buy The Original
Magnetic Self-Sealing Dry Bag

Perfect for Outdoor Adventures, Water Parks, River Adventures, Snorkeling, and Whenever Your Phone Might Get Wet.

Own The Original Self-Sealing Magnetic Dry Bag

Protect Your Phone, Wallet, Keys, Camera, and More!

Lifetime Warranty and Free Lanyard Included.

Water Proof

Water Proof

Waterproof to 100 ft. (30 meters) and dust-proof to a hermetic level.
Touch Screen Ready

Touch Screen Ready

Manipulate touch screens, buttons and switches directly and easily through the bag.
Fully Functional

Fully Functional

Phones and electronics are fully functional through the dry bag, allowing for voice and audio without the need for headphones or audio jack.
Waterproof Camera

Waterproof Camera

Turn you existing camera into an underwater camera. High-quality TPU (BPA-free) doesn't interfere with clear shots.
Self Sealing

Self Sealing

The original fool proof and fumble free automatic magnetic closure ensures waterproof seal every time.



Best bag on market

"I have tried several different types/brands of waterproof bags, this hands down is the best. I have been using it for taking my cellphone with me through surf for up to 4 hours. I've used it about 50 times, never had water in the bag."
-- Anonymous


"I clean the orca tanks at SeaWorld. Every day, I am in the orca tanks in up to 60 feet of salt water and I depend upon my GoBag to keep my phone dry. Even Shamu wants one!"
-- Paulette K., Oceanside, CA


"Perfect size for the iPhone 6 and 6S. The magnetic seal is easy to operate, even with cold fingers."
-- Anonymous


"I purchased the GoBag minnow primarily to take my keys, cash & credit cards with me while shore scuba diving in Hawaii. Leaving anything in your car is highly discouraged, and this bag allowed me to take my driver's license, credit card, cash, and most important, my car keys - with the alarm fob, with me on the dive. It comes with a lanyard which I put around my neck then inside my wetsuit. I went down to 40 ft with no problems. I was concerned that the magnetic lock might open but found it quite secure! The bag itself is fairly thick and I don't expect any leakage as long as I keep it away from anything sharp. It's going to be a mandatory part of my dive kit from now on."
-- Lynne M

Lost My Phone and Found It Again

"I was visiting La Jolla, California last Summer. I rented an SUP and purchased a GoBag (right?) from a great shop called Everyday California. I was touring the La Jolla Caves and while paddling through a water fall and the GoBag was washed off my neck. It fell into the ocean, which was at least 30 feet deep. There was no chance of me finding it.
Imagine my disappointment when I had to leave California without my GoBag, and even worse, my phone! Being a student, and having no insurance on my phone, I was left in a bad situation.
Three weeks later, I got a call from a California scuba diver. The diver had found my GoBag in a clump of sea grass while deep sea scuba diving. Not only was my phone dry, he called me from it to tell me that he had found it!
I immediately called GoBag to share my story. The product is that good!"
-- Shelly R., Chicago, IL

I recommend

"This water tight bag is one of the best things you can possibly buy if you travel often or are just in the water a lot. I was in Spain and was able to put my cash, credit cards and cell phone in my GoBag and wear it around my neck in the water instead of leaving it on the beach. My friend left her phone in her bag unattended for 10 minutes and it was stolen. I was so thankful I had my trusty GoBag to keep my valuables safe from theft, but also water damage. I was skeptical to take my phone in the water, but this thing won't let even a drop of condensation penetrate the seal. I buy these for people for gifts now."
-- Christina R